Competence to go

We stand for top quality at innovative packaging solutions in the food sector. As leading providers of take-away packaging items worldwide we set a high value on environmental friendly production processes designed to conserve resources.

IP Verpackungen began in 1978 with plastic pots, blister packs and cosmetic packaging, made near the German town of Düren on the river Inden, from which our name derives. The closeness of a lignite-mining operation meant that the firm had to move to Aldenhoven, conveniently located on the A44 autobahn. Our plant has meanwhile grown into a 54,000m² facility employing 170 workers, and we have become a strong and reliable partner to the specialist wholesale sector.

Our good customer relationships deliver frequent benefits. Many product ideas arise from tailored solutions created by our in-house tooling experts on the basis of special customer requirements, often typical for their specific countries. This is what enables us to work together with our partners on the further development of our product range. Quality-conscious, consumer-friendly and economical.

  • Almost 40 years’ experience
  • Production based in Germany
  • Delivery times as short as 24 hours
  • The latest technology
  • In-house product development
  • Worldwide sales
  • Reliable, partnership-based customer relations
  • Continuous further development
  • Exacting quality control
  • Extensive certification


Perfect packaging for takeaway food, from hamburgers and hot dogs to full gourmet meals. Our expanded polystyrene (XPS) insulating foam material keeps food hot, and has a cut-resistant coating that allows a meal to be eaten directly from the box with a knife and fork. When it comes to sauces and dips, we recommend our dimensionally stable laminated finish, designed to prevent liquids soaking into the material. Businesses with an environment-friendly approach can rely on our recycled packaging items made exclusively from plastic recovered from our own in-house production processes.

Our machine-tool and moulding experts develop solutions for particular – often country-specific – customer needs in a quality-conscious, consumer-friendly and cost-effective way.

Conserving resources in the interests of our environment
Our packaging items for the takeaway food sector are practical, lightweight, hygienic and cost-saving – but they nevertheless have an impact on the environment, as do all packaging products that use crude oil as a raw material and which eventually need to be disposed of. We are conscious of our responsibility as a manufacturer of plastic products. We therefore use the very latest technology as part of our efforts to conserve both energy and raw materials. It is for this reason that we have also developed an entire range of products based on recycled material. These articles made of recycled XPS are manufactured using a certified production process that reuses all the waste from our stamping and punching machines.

And now there is even more good news to report, as the five-strong team of our R&D department engages with the task of developing a line of products made of biodegradable materials.

The result of all this effort is that we need only limited amounts of plastic to make our XPS packaging products. Just a tiny ball of material is all it takes, for example, to make a whole hamburger box. The conversion of the plastic into foam means that the resulting packaging product is 90% air. This increases its insulating performance, while reducing its weight.


Our particular set of skills lies in the development and manufacture of packaging materials made of expanded polystyrene foam (XPS) for the fast-food sector. This is in addition to our original sealing-machine systems and wide range of accessories, plus products made of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PET).

We deliver throughout Europe, sometimes in less than 24 hours. Our products are distributed exclusively, both in Germany and elsewhere, via our network of qualified wholesale suppliers.

Are you a wholesaler and have further questions? We will be pleased to provide further guidance.

  • 170 employees, including five trainees
  • 54,000 m² of works premises, of which
  • 34,000 m² are occupied by buildings
  • 2,000 m² of floorspace dedicated to sales, R&D, design and tool/mould making
  • 11,000 m² occupied by extrusion and production (deep drawing)
  • 21,000 m² of storage and despatch facilities, with 12 truck-loading ramps

We currently hold three sets of certification:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2011
  • Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • KlimaInvest Green Concepts Green electricity certificate