Food boxes

Food boxes

Trouble-free transport and serving for any meal. Our practical, requirement-oriented boxes offer just the right takeaway packaging for anything from a simple hamburger to a gourmet ready-meal. XPS is vital when it comes to hot meals, as it keeps them warm and prevents any leaking of sauces or dips. Laminated products offer additional protection in this respect, Moisture drips straight off the smooth surface in a similar way to the lotus effect. This means that soups or sauces keep somewhat longer when stored in the food box. The robust, shape-conserving lamination of our food box helps it to withstand high temperatures. The material’s layered structure also makes it cut-resistant, allowing a meal to be eaten directly from the food box with normal cutlery. Our Recy-XPS boxes are particularly environment-friendly, as they are made exclusively from recycled plastic generated by our own in-house production processes.











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Black Line products


Polystyrene; a hard, crystal-clear plastic


Recy-XPS products

Recy-XPS products are based on the guiding principle of collecting the excess materials arising from certified manufacturing processes and using them as a cost-effective alternative of equivalent quality that also conserves resources. Recycled, granulated material, obtained exclusively from our own certified production processes.


Extruded polystyrene for moulded foam-plastic parts. White, highly insulating and extremely light, thanks to the high proportion of air that it contains


Polypropylene; a compact, highly temperature-resistant material


Amorphous PET; a supple, transparent, easy-to-recycle plastic